Reactions to the prospect of military action against Syria

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Reactions to the prospect of military action against Syria

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On the streets of Damascus, life appears to be carrying on as normal.

Syrian state TV has broadcast pictures of a city not concerned about the future.

One man, interviewed for the country’s TV says they have long lived with the possibility of military action: “We’ve been waiting for two years for an attack to come from Israel at any time, we have got used to such a situation, look at the people, they are all relaxed”.

One woman says the country is not afraid: “No one scares us, God protect the Syrian Arab army, my husband is military, may God protect them all”

But it is a different story at the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan – the second largest in the world.

Bilal Ammari claims the Syrian regime has many allies, but hopes for military intervention: “The conspiracy against us has been active from the beginning, many nations will not participate, because the regime has many supporters. We hope the strike, even if limited, will help the Free Syrian Army gain control of many areas in Syria”.

Around 120,000 displaced Syrians currently live at Zaatar. All have fled the conflict in their homeland.

For the time being, they are safe here.