Brazil - More demos

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Brazil - More demos

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Protesting against corruption and income inequality, the streets of Brazil have seen more marches.

It’s called ‘National Mobilisation and Fight Day’.

In Rio de Janeiro demonstrators mocked the President of the country, Dilma Rousseff, who is under pressure to boost spending.

One of the protesters in Rio, Maria Heloisa, says she is protesting about the authorities’ fiscal incompetence: “I am against the rampant spending by the politicians of the state of Rio de Janeiro, of the Federal government, and those that don’t give wage increases to the workers.”

But in Brazil’s largest city, Sao Paulo, the demos turned violent, as protesters attacked a major bank and national media giant, Globo TV.

Marches have been part of the street scene of Brazil since June, which saw demonstrations of up to a million people, rocking the political establishment.