Clashes at protest marches in Egypt

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Clashes at protest marches in Egypt

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In Egypt Muslim Brotherhood supporters have taken to the streets to express their support for the country’s former leader, Mohamed Mursi.

The demonstrations were largely peaceful but in Cairo there were clashes around a mosque on the outskirts of the city and in Port Said, on the Suez Canal, one protester was reported killed and 21 wounded in clashes with Mursi opponents.

One Muslim Brotherhood supporter told reporters: “I am here today to tell al-Sissi that we will not be scared of your tanks and your soldiers. You can put us all in prison as much as you like but we will not kneel.”

Another demonstrator said: “What happened is unacceptable in any country in the world. They call for democracy but they stole democracy from us, they stole my voice.”

The government had warned the army would open fire if violence flared up and the demonstration took place amid tight security.

Most leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested since the army-backed government came to power on 3rd July and this is the largest show of defiance in the past fortnight.

The demonstrators called for the reinstatement of the ousted Islamist president and chanted that Egypt should be a Muslim not a secular state.