Syrians living in Jordan react to the possibility of a military strike against Syria

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Syrians living in Jordan react to the possibility of a military strike against Syria

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In Amman, Jordan, many Syrians hope the British parliament will support a government resolution paving the way for a military strike against Syria.

Wael Ibrahim, a Syrian refugee from Homs told euronews:

“We support a military strike against Syria. We want to get rid of the regime. They’ve used chemicals against their people, they’ve killed children, they’ve made us homeless and displaced us from our homes, and we hope they will help us to get rid of him.”[referring to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad]

Abu Hussein, a Syrian refugee from Deraa said:

“We expect that the regime will evacuate troops from the military bases and replace them with civilians and prisoners, so we hope for a strong military strike that can paralyse the regime, Hezbollah and Iran.”

Um Salem, a Syrian national living in Amman said:

“I don’t agree with a military strike against Syria, even if the regime is guilty. We are looking for a peaceful solution, more people will be killed if they conduct a military strike, it’s enough, people are homeless.”

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Meanwhile, Israel has called up IDF reservists and deployed missile defence batteries in preparation for a possible Syrian response to an American attack.

Many locals are concerned for their safety, with one, Howard Shulman saying that “there is panic because the news is that there is going to be an imminent attack either sometime today or over the weekend and no-one wants to be caught without a mask.”

Some beachgoers in Tel Aviv however did not seem so concerned. One surfer said that she was philosophical about the threat, and that staying away from the beach would make little difference.

A surfing instructor appeared optimistic: “Well life goes on, everything is cool. The ocean is waiting for us and gas masks must wait. We have them at home but life goes on,” he said.

In the meantime, British Prime Minister David Cameron has promised he would not go to war until the UK weapons team has reported on its findings.