Obama blames Syrian government for chemical attack but says he has not 'made a decision' on action

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Obama blames Syrian government for chemical attack but says he has not 'made a decision' on action

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US president, Barrack Obama has said that his administration has concluded that the Syrian government did carry out a chemical attack on its people in Damascus last week.

Speaking on PBS television on Wednesday he added that the use of these kinds of weapons has had an impact on US national interests.

“I have not made a decision but I think it’s important that if in fact we make a choice to have repercussions for the use of chemical weapons, then the Assad regime, which is involved in a civil war, trying to protect itself, will have received a pretty strong signal that it had better not do it again,” Barrack Obama warned.

Reports of an intercepted phone call by US intelligence that confirms the involvement of the Assad government convinced Washington to act on Syria. However, the United States has yet to produce the material it says proves their case.

The UK has been pushing for the other four veto holding members of the UN Security Council to authorise military action against Assad to protect Syrian civilians. However Russia, an ally of Syria, has failed to agree. No decision has been made.

British Foreign Secretary, William Hague said: “We already have our own very strong view about who is to blame – that is the Assad regime, in fact there is no plausible explanation for anybody else being to blame.”

He added that “it is understandable that people want to see what the UN inspectors say, that is completely understandable and so that is incorporated into our motion”.

British MPs will have a second vote before any military action is taken, the government of David Cameron has proposed. It will come after the UN inspectors’ report is ready.

United Nations chief Ban Ki-Moon has appealed for unity among world powers and has sought more time for the inspectors to complete their work in Damascus on the alleged chemical attack last week.

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