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A grim hobby is chilling subject of the 'Dark Tourist'


A grim hobby is chilling subject of the 'Dark Tourist'

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Academy award nominee Melanie Griffith takes on her first role in while in the psychological erotic thriller ‘Dark Tourist’.

The movie is about a graveyard-shift security guard played by Michael Cudlitz and his obsession with history and violent death.

The actress admitted that she doesn’t see the attraction of visiting a crime scene: “I don’t understand wanting to go see where somebody killed, where a serial killer mutilated a body and how they did it – but that’s what people do. That’s what dark tourists do, but I can see the interest that people could have in wanting to go see the dungeon or see the block where Anne Boleyn had her head cut off. That’s sort of acceptable.”

“I think most people who do it – this is me just extrapolating on that – I think that we try to do is we try to find understanding,” added actor Michael Cudlitz.

Griffith – who is now 56 years old – has some partial nude scenes in the film, prompting her to talk about Hollywood’s acceptance of seeing mature woman on set and in sexual roles.

She said: “When a man gets older on film, in front of a camera, that’s a cool, sexy, hot thing. To have grey hair, to be, you know? But if a woman gets older and has wrinkles and starts wearing her grey hair for real, it’s so sort of done. It’s so superficial, and yes there is a handful of actresses, one handful of actresses that keep going, it’s very difficult.”

Dark Tourist is now out in USA and is being shown at a number of film festivals.

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