Many dead in series of Baghdad bomb blasts

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Many dead in series of Baghdad bomb blasts

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Emergency services in Iraq say as many as 51 people have been killed and scores injured in a series of attacks in the capital Baghdad.

One of the bloodiest incidents took place outside a restaurant in the Jisr Diyala district in southeastern Baghdad where a car bomb killed seven people and injured 23.

In Kadhimiya, a district in northwestern Baghdad, two roadside bombs and one car bomb killed five people and wounded nearly 30, police and medical sources said.

Four soldiers were killed and five were wounded in Madaen, southeast of Baghdad, by a roadside bomb that targeted an Iraqi army patrol, according to police and medics.

Violence in Iraq has soared since the beginning of the year as attacks by mainly Sunni insurgents have increased in number and intensity.

As many as 1,000 people have died in Iraq in July alone.

The renewed violence, 18 months after US troops withdrew from Iraq, has sparked fears of a return to the scale of sectarian slaughter in 2006 and 2007.

The targets have also changed. Bomb attacks have increasingly occured at cafes and other places where families gather. In the past they were more often aimed at military facilities and checkpoints.