Wildfires continue to burn in California

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Wildfires continue to burn in California

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A huge wildfire is continuing to rage out of control near Yosemite National Park in California.

The Governor of the state, Jerry Brown, has declared a state of emergency for San Francisco. The Rim Fire is 220 km away from the city but is threatening the main power lines that bring in electricity.

The region’s water supply could also be affected if the flames reach the city’s main reservoir which is also in the area.

One resident who had to flee her home because of the flames told how she had fifteen minutes to get out of the house and only had time to get her “kids, animals and some pictures.”

Thousands of households have been ordered to evacuate. More than 2,800 firefighters along with the help of 12 helicopters and six fixed wing tankers have been battling the flames.

Red Cross Communications Director, Jordan Scott, said that they originally had 162 residents at their shelter and as the hours passed ended up with a total of 184.

The fire started on August 17th and has been fanned by strong winds. Authorities have said that 7 percent of the wildfire has been contained.