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The Syrian government says it has discovered chemical weapons being used by the rebels in a tunnel in Jobar, a suburb of Damascus.

State television reported that some soldiers needed medical treatment for suffocation after making the discovery.

Jobar is the focus on counter-allegations, with the rebels accusing the army of killing up to1,000 people in Jobar using nerve gas

Without specifying who is using chemical weapons, Iranian President Hassan Rohani, for the first time, acknowledged they have been used and is asking the international community to step in.

Syria’s main ally, Russia, suggested the rebels may have been the ones who launched an attack using chemical weapons in order to gain international sympathy and support.

UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs Angela Kane
arrived in Damascus on Saturday, joining a team of UN experts on chemical weapons already there. Kane is expected to push for greater access to places where chemical weapons may have been used.

Speculation about possible US intervention in Syria is growing. US naval forces in the Mediterranean have been repositioned.

In addition, US Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel confirmed that President Barack Obama has asked the Pentagon to prepare military options for Syria.

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