Egypt: low turnout for Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations

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Egypt: low turnout for Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations

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There were protests in Cairo on Friday but not on the scale the Muslim Brotherhood had called for.

A week after a violent crackdown by the military which left more than 500 dead, many mosques had cancelled midday prayers.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which won five successive votes in Egypt after the overthrow of Mubarak in 2011, is suffering from a week of bloodshed and the arrest of many of its leaders in what the authorities call a battle with terrorism.

For those who did turn out to demonstrate, there was anger and a determination to continue with their struggle.

One protester said:’‘When a nation is ruled by tanks, iron and fire, this is something that we can’t accept. If the military council continues to control the country, this control will not continue for long, but this revolution will continue, and the revolutionary waves will continue.”

Around a thousand supporters of deposed President Mursi have been killed in the last week by the army and police, in what is being described as the country’s bloodiest civil unrest in its modern history.

Around 100 police and soldiers have also died.

More than a thousand members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested.

In response to the violence, the European Union has suspended all weapons exports to the Egyptian military.