Zimbabwe: Mugabe prepares to start another five years in power

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Zimbabwe: Mugabe prepares to start another five years in power

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The president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has been sworn in for another five year term.

The 89 year old is the oldest leader in Africa

Leaders from South Africa and the Congo and other diplomats and delegations from the region joined thousands of cheering supporters at a football stadium in Harare.

Mugabe used the opportunity to berate western countries who had questioned the election results:

“Today it is these Anglo-Saxons who dare contradict Africa’s verdict over an election in Zimbabwe, an African country. But who are they we ask? Whoever gave them the gift of seeing better than all of us?” Mugabe said.

The leader of the opposition, Morgan Tsvangirai, boycotted the ceremony. He has denounced the July 31 election as a “huge fraud.”

Observers from the African Union say voting was broadly free and peaceful.

However the European Union has said it will review relations with Zimbabwe because of serious concerns about the election.

The US called the election flawed and Britain said an independent investigation was needed.

It will be Mugabe’s fifth term as president of the southern African state. He had also served two terms as prime
minister after independence in 1980.