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Eurozone breakup talk 'reckless' says Bundesbank chief

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Eurozone breakup talk 'reckless' says Bundesbank chief


The head of Germany’s central bank, Jens Weidemann, has slammed what he calls the ‘recklessness’ of those invoking a eurozone break up.

“What vexes me is how recklessly people invoke such a scenario,” he told the business magazine ‘Capital’ in an interview.

He also said it was wrong to think of the euro as a club that a country could leave and then rejoin.

“Whoever suggests it underestimates the interconnectedness of the different eurozone economies. An exit would also have far-reaching consequences for our banks and companies,” he added.

His remarks come as Germany’s Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schaeuble, admitted Greece would need a third bailout.

However Joerg Asmussen, a senior European Central Bank official, said the prospect of another bailout is not on the table at this time.

Greece has already received around 240 billion euros, since 2010, but is still struggling to control its debt burden.

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