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Hacker says sorry to Zuckerberg for accessing his Facebook page

20/08/13 00:04 CET

An unemployed Palestinian web developer has apologised to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for accessing his wall after discovering a privacy bug.

Khalil Shreateh said he had just wanted to collect the traditional $500 bounty the social network giant offers to those who expose its glitches.

“Actually I am proud as a Palestinian to be the guy who discovered the fault in Facebook,” said Shreateh. “To be the one to discover it from all around the world – as a Palestinian who discovers the fault in Facebook which is a super huge company.”

But Facebook executives are less than pleased. They have refused to pay up, claiming Shreateh broke the rules by hacking into a real account instead of using a test one to prove his theory.

However they have promised to reward him in the future if he sticks within the guidelines.

Shreateh has said he is not too disappointed by the response as he has now been inundated with job offers.

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