Czech vote triggers early elections

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Czech vote triggers early elections

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Czech MPs have voted to dissolve the Chamber of Deputies, triggering early elections.

The dissolution was supported by 140 members of the 200-seat lower house of parliament.

Opinion polls show that the centre-left Social Democrats (CSSD) will be the biggest party, but they will need support from other groups to govern and the leader of the party said he would talk to the Communists about forming a partnership.

Speaking before the vote, Bohuslav Sohuslav, CSSD Leader said: “a dissolved parliament would be a success for the social democrats. I am convinced that people will give us their votes during the upcoming elections.”

The president, Milos Zeman, must now schedule an election, likely to be at the end of October.

Tuesday’s vote to dissolve parliament came about after the previous elected government folded under charges from prosecutors that an aide to the prime minister, who was also his lover, had his wife put under surveillance.