Islamists execute 25 police officers in Egypt's Sinai region

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Islamists execute 25 police officers in Egypt's Sinai region

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Islamic militants have ambushed two mini-buses carrying off-duty police officers in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula, killing 26 and wounding two others.

The attack took place close to Rafah, which borders the Gaza Strip.

The victims were dressed in civilian clothes at the time of the killings.

Reports suggest the officers were ordered to get off the buses and forced to lie down before being shot, execution style. The vehicles were then destroyed by rocket propelled grenades.

The Rafah border has since been closed causing yet more problems for the Palestinians living under Hamas rule.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh said his organisation had nothing to do with the attack: “I am saying to my brothers that there is no military role for Palestinian resistance in Egypt: not in Sinai, not in Rafah, not in any other Arab country.”

The Egyptian military is engaged in almost daily skirmishes with Islamists in Sinai.

As the border closed Palestinians staged a demonstration to demand the reopening of the key crossing point.