South Africa: Mining disputes continue a year after 'Marikana massacre'

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South Africa: Mining disputes continue a year after 'Marikana massacre'

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It is a year since 34 striking miners – demanding higher wages – were gunned down by South African police in the impoverished community of Marikana.

The killings sparked outrage across the nation and around the world.

The industry is still plagued with problems. Worker poverty, pay disputes and shrinking profits all remain rife.

The miners still work underground in what are described as difficult and dangerous conditions.

“The way my colleagues died, some were young men and others were the same age as me. I see no reason why people had to be killed because they were only fighting for money,” said John Manqinda, who works at the Lonmin mine in Marikana.

Another miner, Anderson Ka-Nduku, added: “Life is still hard. Nothing has changed since my colleagues were killed. Not even the salaries. They still haven’t paid us.”

Memorial services will be held on Friday for those killed a year ago, as a government inquiry into their deaths drags on – with no end in sight.

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