Egypt: dozens killed during Muslim Brotherhood's 'Day of Anger'

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Egypt: dozens killed during Muslim Brotherhood's 'Day of Anger'

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There have been nationwide protests in Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood called for a ‘Friday of Anger’ in response to the killing of more than 600 people on Wednesday by the country’s security forces.

In Cairo, at least 10,000 supporters of deposed President Mohamed Mursi gathered in Ramses Square. Dozens were shot and killed by security forces, their bodies taken to a local mosque.

Police and security forces have been authorised to use live ammunition in self-defence.

After Friday prayers, protesters headed from their mosques towards the square. As they made their way across the May 15th bridge they came under fire.

In the Chobra district of Cairo, a stronghold of the Muslim Brotherhood, there were clashes between protesters and local residents.

In other cities across Egypt there were more protests against the military, with figures suggesting scores of people dead and many more injured.

The army has warned protesters to obey the 12-hour overnight curfew which is part of the state of emergency in force across the country.

The military said it was fighting terrorism in the country. The bloodshed by the military has been condemned internationally.

The violence looks set to continue as the Muslim Brotherhood called for a week of daily nationwide protests.