Chaos reigns in Egypt

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Chaos reigns in Egypt

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All eyes have been on the events taking place in Egypt. On Wednesday, the army launched a violent assault to remove Islamist protesters demanding the return of the ousted president, Mohamed Mursi. The Swiss Italian network RSI filed this report:

Faced with a rising number of fatalities, international condemnation has been widespread. However, in Egypt, many have agreed with the operation. A television crew from France 2 took to the streets of Cairo after the events.

As the violence continues the final death toll is impossible to predict. The only certainty is that there have been hundreds of deaths.The rage felt by the Islamists is now mixed with grief. Cairo’s Iman Mosque has been set up as a temporary morgue for the victims. Spain’s TVE sent this report from the Egyptian capital.

How did Egypt get itself into this situation? Divisions in the country have been around for a long time. Italian network RAI 3 took a deep look at the reasons behind the current unrest.