Bulgarian government votes down presidential veto

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Bulgarian government votes down presidential veto

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Long-running protests in Bulgaria pitting president against government continue, with rival marches in the capital Sofia.

Today parliament voted to overturn the presidential veto of the left-wing/Turkish minority coalition budget, which features a new half-billion euro loan to pay arrears to businesses and better social benefits.

“After this we’ll be paying off yet another loan for years, taken for no clear purpose, but I’m sure it will be used for MPs’ purposes,” said one man.

The government bussed in supporters from around the country to help raise the siege of parliament mounted by supporters of the conservative President.

“The prime minister will do everything for the people. He’s an able person. But they don’t give him a chance because they’re the mafia. They want everything in their own hands,” said one woman.

Police have been deployed to keep the rival demonstrations apart, although the August heat and holiday season means numbers are down on recent weeks.