Violent clashes spread across Egypt

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Violent clashes spread across Egypt

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Outside of the Egyptian capital, the bloody confrontations have spread from North to South.

Mursi supporters have clashed with police in scenes echoing the running battles in Cairo. Just 100km away in Faiyum dozens have been killed, according to the Health Ministry adding to the rising death toll.

State Television reported that a curfew has been imposed starting from 7pm to 6am in 11 of the 27 provinces including Alexandria and Suez.

Further along the Nile river, violent clashes erupted in Minya, Assiut and Aswan.

Mursi supporters were said to have set fire to government buildings.

In an apparent backlash aimed at the Coptic Christians who make up ten percent of the 84 million population, three churches were torched with petrol bombs.

  • Cairo ‘War zone’ 14/08/2013

    Anadolu agency

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