More protests after King of Morocco pardons another foreigner

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More protests after King of Morocco pardons another foreigner

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The King of Morocco issuing pardons to foreigners is once again causing protests across the country.

Over the weekend, there was outcry over the release of a convicted Spanish paedophile.

This time it is the case of suspected drug trafficker and Spanish national Mohamed Mounir Molina that has got the people of Morocco angry.

“According to the media, he is a drug trafficker who was freed without being put on trial,” said one woman at a protest in Rabat.

“When we look at cases like this, we saw that, in the end, the royal pardon is an injustice”.

In an effort to calm the uproar, Morocco’s King Mohamed
VI has met with the relatives of children abused by Daniel Galvan Vina, a convicted Spanish paedophile released last week on the country’s Throne Day.

Following protests, Galvan’s pardon was revoked and he was arrested in Murcia in southern Spain on Monday after an international arrest warrant was issued.

Galvan was among 48 jailed Spaniards freed.

However, there is confusion over how the child molester was pardoned.

Spanish authorities say Galvan’s name was not on a list sent by the King of Spain, however, Galvan, who is originally from Iraq, gained Spanish citizenship after spying for the Mediterranean country.