Spain and Gibraltar border crossing dispute continues

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Spain and Gibraltar border crossing dispute continues

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Tensions have escalated between Spain and Gibraltar over long delays at the border crossing because of increased vehicle searches.

The British territory has claimed the recent tough measures on the border by its northern neighbour was because of the creation of an unpopular artificial reef to stimulate marine life off the coast of Gibraltar.

One Spanish fisherman who works in the waters near Gibraltar said that the reef “is not only a problem for fishermen but also for all Spanish people. This is Spanish territory,” he added.

Carmen Crespo, a delegate of the regional government of Andalusia believes “there will be dialogue. The Spanish government speaks to everyone,” she claimed, “but the first thing they need to do is remove the concrete blocks so the fishermen can fish.” She defended the border controls stating: “there is a written agreement and what the government is doing is carrying out thorough checks against smuggling and fiscal fraud.”

The Spanish government has sparked further tensions by saying it is considering introducing a €50 fee to cross the border with Gibraltar.