On stage stunt leaves US rock band facing criminal charges

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On stage stunt leaves US rock band facing criminal charges

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Bassist Jared Hasselhoff of American rock group Bloodhound Gang known for their on-stage antics and members of his band are facing criminal charges in Russia.

The guitarist stuffed the Russian flag down the front of his underpants and pulled out the back before being thrown to the crowd. at a gig in the Ukraine city of Odessa.

The video of their gig and the incident has caused outrage throughout Russia

The Interior ministry has opened a criminal case and called for members of the band to be punished for desecrating the country’s flag.

The group could also face charges in Ukraine after an unverified video showed Hasselhoff urinating on the country’s flag in a separate gig.

The group was barred from a festival in Southern Russia. One senator doesn’t want the action against the band to end there.

“We ban them from entering the Russian Federation.  Their discs won’t be sold, they won’t be downloaded from internet shops, they will have no chance to earn money staging concerts here,” said Senator Ruslan Gattarov.

Bloodhound Gang has reportedly apologised for the incident with the Russian flag which happened against the background of strained relations between Moscow and Washington. They had to make an unscheduled hasty exit from the country’s Anapa airport. Their minibus was pelted by eggs as they left.