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Gabala Festival - music in the mountains

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Gabala Festival - music in the mountains

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Now in its fifth year now, the Gabala International Music Festival is underway in Azerbaijan.

One of the best parts, entrance to the concerts by internationally renowned orchestras and musicians is free.

Construction worker Namisat Kerimowhe and his family discovered the new world of classical music five years ago, and say now they do not miss a single performance.

He told euronews: “We have been waiting for this festival for a whole year. classical music gives us joy, it makes our souls sing.”

Namisat and his family listened to a suite from the ballet Romeo and Julliet, performed by the acclaimed New Russia Symphony Orchestra.

The audience was also treated to another classic Romeo and Juliet tale, the overture-fantasy by Tchaikovsky.

«The theme of the concert is love. Sometimes the music is tragic, sometimes not so much; what is important is the main theme.”

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