Egypt: Mursi supporters keep up pressure on military

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Egypt: Mursi supporters keep up pressure on military

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Supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi have marched towards the military headquarters in Cairo, as they continue to call for the Islamist to be restored to power.

“I’m taking part in this march to defend my vote, which I have given to Mohamed Mursi. I will fight for my vote, I will fight for my children,” said Wael Abdel Moneam.

“It is a shame that al-Sissi (army chief) has taken away what I voted for, by force,” he continued.

The authorities say they will break up two sit-ins, which are continuing in the capital.

A cordon will reportedly be set up around the two main protest sites – allowing people to leave, but not to enter.

Earlier on Friday, riot police fired tear gas as Mursi supporters clashed with security forces outside a media complex in Cairo, which houses most of Egypt’s private TV stations.

Mursi was ousted by the army following days of a wave of demonstrations against him.

The military-backed interim government is seeking to end a stalemate that has paralysed Egypt and deeply divided the country.