Al Qaeda leader tells Egyptians to adopt sharia law

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Al Qaeda leader tells Egyptians to adopt sharia law

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The leader of Al Qaeda has urged the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to give up on democracy and rule by sharia law.

Ayman al-Zawahri posted a 15 minute recording on Islamist websites. He told supporters of ousted President Mursi that events in Egypt proved that following democracy had failed, and sharia was the only legitimate way.

The recording came two days after U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry gave his approval to Egypt’s new leaders
saying that they had “restored democracy.”

Meanwhile hundreds of Mursi supporters clashed with security forces in front of a media complex in Cairo, which houses most of Cairo’s satellite TV stations. Riot police fired tear gas at them.

Security forces have warned they will set up cordons around protest sites withing 48 hours.

Mursi supporters have started a third vigil near Cairo’s international airport and say they are planning protests outside various security and military buildings.