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Tunisian army clashes with militants near Algerian border


Tunisian army clashes with militants near Algerian border

There have been clashes between the Tunisian army and Islamic extremists near the border with Algeria.

Gun fire was exchanged and around 10 to 15 militants were surrounded by the army, according to a Tunisian security source. There are no details of any casualties.

It comes three days after gunmen ambushed and killed eight soldiers in the remote Mount Chaambi area near the border.

The region has become a hideout for extremists linked to an al-Quaeda-affiliated militant group.

Earlier this week many Tunisians rallied in Tunis to show their support for the army.

Political tensions are rising between supportrs and opponents of the moderate Islamist-led government. Many believe the government is not doing enough to crack down on extremists.

Both sides are calling for more protests this weekend.


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