Egypt: Marching Mursi supporters defy warnings

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Egypt: Marching Mursi supporters defy warnings

Egypt: Marching Mursi supporters defy warnings
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Thousands of supporters of ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Mursi have marched to the military intelligence headquarters in Cairo.

The action came despite government warnings that it would disperse two vigils in the capital.

More marches are planned for today, dubbed “Egypt Against The Coup.”

“The minister of interior will not accept full responsibility for the current situation,” said supporter Tawakol Mohamed.

“The leaders in power right now are not on the same page. All those who participated in the coup are fighting amongst themselves and will not reach any decision. They will not be able to end the sit-ins.”

“How could they kidnap the elected president of the most important Arab country?” asks supporter Ayman Al-Bahar.

“This is a crime, an international and historical crime. I will take part in the sit-in until the president is freed.”

With the military-backed government declaring its ready to clear supporters, Germany’s foreign minister has urged authorities to avoid, as he puts it, “the appearance of selective justice.”

The European Union is trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement.

EU envoy Bernardino Leon, who has been trying to defuse political tensions on a trip to Cairo, said the EU would not easily accept the use of violence to break up protests camps.