Kazakh dissident arrested in France

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Kazakh dissident arrested in France

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The fugitive opposition politician and former Kazakh banker, Mukthar Ablyazov has been arrested in southern France.

He was detained on Wednesday near Cannes by French special forces after an extradition request.

His son has already launched an appeal on social media to prevent him being sent to Russia and ultimately Kazakhstan.

Ablyazov is one of the most vocal critics of his country’s president and fled Kazakhstan in 2009 after embezzlement charges were made against him.

He was eventually granted political asylum in Britain. In May his wife and daughter were seized by Italian police and wrongfully deported to Kazakhstan despite having valid residency permits.

The affair caused a scandal in Rome with Italy’s interior minister being called on to resign.

Ablyazov, who denies all wrong doing, went into hiding after UK police reportedly warned him his safety was threatened.