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The ice bar craze hots up

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The ice bar craze hots up

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At the Ice Bar in Prague temperatures are kept at minus seven degrees and everything that can be is made out of ice. .

Customers are only allowed to stay for 30 minutes at a time. As they arrive they are given a thermal jacket and gloves to keep them warm during your visit.

The owner Miroslav Lipsansky said there is no high or low season for the bar: “Of course in summer, which is high tourist season, the interest is greater, but many people also come in December. Weather simply doesn’t play as important a role as we thought.”

Amid excessive heat warnings in New York City, tourists and locals have been finding refuge in a frosty new addition to Manhattan’s bar scene called Minus5.

Noel Bowman, the President of Minus5 Management Company, said this not just a big fride: “It’s far from your typical restaurant freezer. We put a couple of million dollars into some serious computerised refrigeration equipment that really take into effect ambient heat, body heat, humidity, summertime, wintertime, volume of people coming in and out. It’s a science to keep this whole environment, no window, humidity at the right temperature.”

Minus5’s owners said they expect just as many customers during winter, because people will already be outfitted for the experience.

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