Driver error was probable cause of Swiss rail crash, say police

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Driver error was probable cause of Swiss rail crash, say police

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Investigators say a collision between two regional trains in Switzerland was probably caused by the failure of one of the drivers to obey signals.

The 24-year-old French driver of the other train was killed and 25 people were injured, all Swiss nationals.

At a news conference the head of the rail company CFF defended investment in safety.

For the police, human error is the most likely cause.

“The main theory being considered by investigators is that the illuminated signal was not respected by the train coming from Payerne which had stopped at Granges-Près-Marnand station,” said police spokesman Jean-Christophe Sauterel.

Usually the train from Payerne waits in the station for the regional express from Lausanne to pass through without stopping.

Investigators say it seems this time the 54-year-old driver started moving and his train was travelling at 40 kilometres an hour when the collision happened on a single track.

Doctor Jocelyn Cornich gave an update on the injured: “There are three people still in hospital, one of them is a child. They are not in immediate danger anymore and two of them might leave the hospital very soon.”

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