Italy bus crash death toll rises

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Italy bus crash death toll rises

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At least 38 have been killed and 10 seriously injured in a fatal bus crash near Avellino in Italy.

The vehicle was returning from a trip when it hit several cars before crashing into the guardrail, plunging 30 metres down a steep slope.

The coach was carrying around 50 passengers, all from Naples.

The cause of the accident is not yet clear.

It happened overnight on the A16 motorway near Avellino 50 km east of Naples on what is known as a particularly dangerous stretch of road.

The first ambulances were onsite around 3am local time, though the rescue effort was hampered by the perilous location of the coach.

As firefighters called for silence to hear for signs of life, coffins arrived to take away the dead.

Many of those travelling in cars hit by the bus stood beside their damaged vehicles, it is not clear whether any of them were injured in the accident.

The Bari-Naples motorway remains closed to traffic.