Mafia crackdown in Italy as police arrest 100

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Mafia crackdown in Italy as police arrest 100

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Around 100 people, including politicians and lawyers, have been arrested in Italy as part of a crackdown on organised crime.

The raids were carried out in Rome and in the southern region of Calabria.

The Rome operation was described as the largest ever undertaken by police in and around the capital. 500 officers took part, using a helicopter, dog units and maritime police.

According to police, the clans targeted, including the Fasciani, Triassi and D’Agati families, were among the “holy of holies” of the Roman and Sicilian crime world.

Investigators say that for 20 years the clans had an understanding that each could operate unhindered in their part of the city. Their arrests, which follow a lengthy police investigation, were carried out in the city and in the suburb of Ostie.

The second operation focused on members of the Ndrangheta clan in Catanzaro in Calabria. Those arrested included politicians and lawyers as well as doctors and prison administration staff.

Many are accused of being involved in killings during an internal Mafia conflict between 2005 and 2011.