Italian police arrest over 100 in anti-mafia operation

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Italian police arrest over 100 in anti-mafia operation

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Around 50 people, including politicians and lawyers, have been arrested in Rome in what is being described as the largest ever crackdown on the mafia undertaken in the Italian capital.

Five hundred police backed by dog units, a helicopter and coastal patrol boats swept down on their targets.

Police in Calabria in the south of Italy netted another 65 people. A member of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-right party is under investigation after the southern swoop.

Insurance fraud, drug trafficking and murder are among some of the suspected criminal activities.

Police seized around 200 million euros worth of assets from five businessmen suspected of involvement in a group linked to the Calabria based ‘Ndragheta crime network, now considered to be Italy’s most powerful mafia, having overtaken Sicily’s Cosa Nostra.