Egypt: Fatal Clashes in Alexandria between pro-army and pro-Mursi camps

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Egypt: Fatal Clashes in Alexandria between pro-army and pro-Mursi camps

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Clashes have erupted as supporters and opponents of deposed president Mohammed Mursi came face to face on the streets of Alexandria.

The crowds pelted each other with stones in renewed violence in the divided country. Reports indicate two people have died in the violence and 11 have been injured.

The pro-Mursi camp continued their almost month-long vigil to call for the return of their leader who has now been detained on accusations of murder.

“This is a scandal that proves that this is a regime that disregards the law and the constitution. They should tell us when they investigated President Morsi and whether a lawyer was present or not. The whole world knows that they are making up accusations to disfigure the revolution in 2011 in favour of the military revolution of 2013,” declared Mohamed el-Beltagy a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Army helicopters watched over the crowd in Cairo which turned out en masse following the army’s plea for support.

“We are here today in order to support the Commander-in-chief of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Abdul Fatah el-Sissi, and give him the green light to root out terrorism from Egypt. We can’t wait any longer; the country is burning,” said army supporter Karim Hassan.

The clock is ticking, the 48hr army issued deadline for Mursi’s Muslim Brotherhood to join the process of building a new Egypt expires on Saturday.