Get comfy for a six-hour dance video

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Get comfy for a six-hour dance video

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A dance-video of the work of acclaimed Greek choreographer Dimitris Papaioannou tests the stamina of viewers.

Papaioannou – who received international media attention after directing the opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens – created INSIDE, a six hour dance installation.

That was back in 2011. Now he has released the final performance, which was shown at the 19th Kalamata International Dance Festival.

Papaioannou explained the thinking behind it: “It was really about a room set inside a theatre, in the centre of the city. Inside this room, 30 performers repeated a simple series of movements, our basic identical movements that we do, when we come home every day. The performance is like a pattern. This pattern makes a narration. The whole performance was kind of a visual contemplation.”

Later an unedited six-hour video of INSIDE’s final night was projected on a giant screen installed inside the Castle Amphitheatre in Kalamata.

Visitors were encouraged to make themselves comfortable while watching the show.

“It is an invitation for everybody to see – in high definition on a large screen – the video documentation of INSIDE’s final night. The performance has the appearance of a three dimensional projection. A real projection! Things now are completely different, regarding the energy of the show. For this occasion, we project the show in an open space. Spectators can bring sleeping bags, spend the night outside and travel with their imagination, if they find this experiment interesting,” Dimitris Papaioannou said.

INSIDE was the closing show of the 19th Kalamata International Dance Festival. The projection took place on Thursday 25 July.

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