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Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood accuses army of calling a civil war

25/07/13 02:45 CET

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood has reacted angrily to a call by the country’s military chief for mass rallies to support the army backed regime which toppled elected Islamist president Mohamed Mursi.

By saying he wanted a clear mandate to tackle violence and terrorism, General al-Sisi has raised the pressure on Mursi loyalists.

Speaking at a news conference Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, Gehad el-Haddad accused the general of issuing a call for civil war.

“ The coalition asserts that the threats made by al-Sisi, leader of the military coup, are nothing short of a full call for civil war and a warning that massacres, widespread massacres will be held under a false cover of popular support.”

Meanwhile the US has halted a delivery of four F-16 fighter jets in the strongest signal yet of Washington’s impatience with Egypt’s armed forces.

Alarmed by the street violence following the toppling of Mursi, the US is pressing the military-led government to get the democratic transition in place.

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