Angrois becomes the new site of pilgrimage after train crash in spain

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Angrois becomes the new site of pilgrimage after train crash in spain

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With a day off for St James’ day in Galicia, many people turned up at the crash site in Santiago de Compostela, to see with their own eyes the scale of the tragedy.

As the people of Spain try to understand what has happened here, Euronews correspondent Filipa Soares reports:

“Just 24 hours after the most tragic train crash for almost 40 years in Spain, Angrois, in Santiago de Compostela, has become a new place of pilgrimage. These people want to see where the accident happened and that doesn’t allow the people of the town to move on, people who have already seen enough of the media.”

José Branco was the first person to arrive to the crash site.

“When the dust disappeared, I saw the wagon there and the first thing I did was to get in and try to help, to try to take out the people that were inside,” explained Branco.

Others were quick to act as well.

“We have evacuated 16 injured people from the train and five were already dead outside the train. And then people started smashing the windows, breaking it with their hands, stones, taking ladders, to take people out, until the police arrived,” said Martin Rozas, an employee at the bar by the crash site.

The world’s media have joined the curious onlookers fighting for a space at the fence which overlooks the mangled wreckage of the horrific train crash.