UK: The 'Little Prince' meets the world

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UK: The 'Little Prince' meets the world

UK: The 'Little Prince' meets the world
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Wrapped in a white shawl, the royal baby was unveiled to the waiting press outside St Mary’s hospital in London.

It was the first royal engagement for the third in line to the throne at just over a day old, giving him a taste of what awaits him as the newest member of the British royal family.

Proud parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were all smiles as they showed off their first born. Showing no signs of a sleepless night, the duke did admit his son ‘had a good pair of lungs on him’.

Wearing matching baby blue outfits, commentators have drawn comparisons between Kate’s polka dot dress and the dress worn by William’s mother Diana as she introduced her son to the press.

Taking questions from the assembled media circus, the prince looked at ease, as Catherine admitted William was the first to change the royal nappy.

She went on to say she felt very emotional, like any new parent might before handing back to her husband to face the barrier of microphones.

“He is a big boy, he is quite heavy. We are still working on a name, we will have that as soon as it come. It is the first time we see him really, so we will have proper chance to catch up,” explained William.

One reporter asked, “Who does he look like? Does he look like you or Catherine?”

William joked, “He has got her looks thankfully,”
to which Kate replied, “No, no I’m not sure about that.”

The couple are expected to try to give their son as “normal” an upbringing as possible and handle much of the child-care themselves. William has two weeks statutory paternity leave from his service with the Royal Air Force and was getting into the swing of things.

The new father mouthed ‘phew’ as he managed to get the car seat in first time before setting off for the place they call home, Kensington Palace where they will spend their first night as new parents with the future king.

Euronews correspondent James Franey reported from London:

“After the visits of both sets of grandparents the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge have left for the Kensington palace their official residence with the royal baby. Still no name has been released yet, the bookies favorite is George followed by James and Alexander.”