A new royal contender in British monarchy's game of thrones

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A new royal contender in British monarchy's game of thrones

A new royal contender in British monarchy's game of thrones
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Another first for the British monarchy: four generations of Windsors mingling with three direct heirs to the throne among them. There is no rule saying which one of them takes precedence to become sovereign, when the time comes; Queen Elizabeth has always made clear she considers hers a job for life – and Britons are proud of her dedication.

It is not impossible that Prince Charles, now age 64, is outlived by his mother. Or, his son Prince William – now 31, and enjoying greater popularity – could simply leapfrog a generation and ascend the throne.

Royal expert Charles Mosley said we’re pretty much in the realm of the surreal, here: “Why should the eldest have a special right to anything as opposed to the youngest or the middle ? It’s absurd. And of course that is the point about monarchy, we can’t all be monarchs.”

Barring an institutional revolution in Britain, the monarchy certainly isn’t short on candidates to reign, therefore ensuring its sustainability, a sort of stability, and also some levity.

Sixteen countries of the British Commonwealth call Elizabeth their head of state – mostly former territories of the British Empire. In those realms where she is Queen, they’ve had a field day with the birth of her great grandson.

Town criers in Canada, artillery salutes in New Zealand… a bit of fun, a break from the conventional.

To understand what the prime minister of Australia is talking about, you should know that a Bilby is an animal – an endangered marsupial long-nosed rat.

Kevin Rudd said: “What we’ve decided to do, as a government, is to provide a 10,000 dollar grant to the research programme at Taronga Park Zoo for the Bilby, and this will be in honour of the new baby prince.”

The royal tot gets hip hip hurrays from around the world, congratulations for his parents really, especially the Duchess.

Because Kate and William are such a smiling pair, everyone from the tea lady to President Obama has sent along best wishes that the baby grows up like that too, the new little Windsor crowned a goodwill ambassador already.