Metallica release a rather different concert film

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Metallica release a rather different concert film

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Heavy metal band Metallica presented their new film at Comic-Con Convention, in San Diego.

Featuring a riot in the streets, car crashes and giant coffins above the stage, ‘Metallica Through The Never’ is not your average concert film.

Singer James Hetfield explained the thinking behind it: “If we’re going to do a movie, let’s add something different instead of it just being another concert experience. Because we’ve put out DVDs, we’ve put out lots of live stuff. Obviously this show is way different. It’s the best-of kind of.”

Actor Dane DeHaan plays a delivery boy who gets caught up in a battle between angry rioters and a police force.

Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett called the film abstract, which is appropriate for Metallica’s music: “I think Metallica’s music is very cinematic. It’s very capable of conjuring up multiple images. The beautiful thing about our music is that everyone has their own personal vision of what that song is, how they interpret it.”

DeHaan’s journey is intercut with scenes of the band performing on a massive stage.

The band plan to release their 10th studio album next year.

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