London celebrates royal arrival

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London celebrates royal arrival

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News of the royal arrival triggered a party mood on the streets of London. Many people, Brits and tourists alike had withstood scorching temperatures on the hottest day of the year to wait around for the royal announcement.

“It’s amazing!” said one woman sporting a blue balloon. “Everyone was cheering, we’re all we’re, like, looking, and I jumped up to the camera … so, congratulations, William and Kate, for your little boy.”

Some had come from far and wide including one Canadian tourist:

“It’s a big part of our history, again, and there’s, obviously, very loyal royalists at home, so it’s a very exciting time for all of us, for sure.”

Another was more philosophical about what the birth could mean:

“Maybe this kid’s gonna bring new hope… I mean, peace to this world… So many bad things are happening around us.”

People stayed out late to soak up the atmosphere, many of them gathering outside Buckingham Palace. With everyone celebrating one young woman said it had been the best Monday night of her life!

London’s monuments quickly became part of the celebrations – the capital’s fountains are all to be given a ‘blue for a boy’ tint for the rest of the week. And in keeping with tradition gun salutes will be carried out across the capital later today for the little prince.