China and Japan welcome Britain's new royal baby

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China and Japan welcome Britain's new royal baby

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Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are continuing to receive congratulations from all corners of the world on the birth of their first child.

Japan and China have joined the celebrations with specialists in each country eager to offer advice on how best to deal with a newborn.

Royal massage instructor, Hiromi Kusaka, says the practice has always been an imperial tradition in the Far East: “It’s really hard to raise a child normally surrounded by the pressurised atmosphere of a royal family. But if Kate can build a deep connection with her child with baby massages, then she’ll be able to really enjoy motherhood and feel the joy of seeing her baby grow.”

Sentiments shared in China where much has been made of the boy being born in the year of the snake – a sign of intelligence and shrewdness.

In Beijing, one commentator said: “I think it’s a good thing that the baby has mixed blood from royalty and an ordinary person. If this baby inherits the throne, he will be much closer to the people.”