Will Belgium's King Philippe deliver ?

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Will Belgium's King Philippe deliver ?

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The celebrations are over and it is time for King Philippe to get down to work and face his first full day in the job, but what can the Belgian people expect from him?

Our correspondent went to talk with Le Soir’s ‘royal watcher’, journalist Martine Dubuisson to get her opinion.

“In his speech the new king showed himself as his father’s heir whose work he will continue but he also added a few personal notes: he emphasised the need to work together, and showed openness towards everyone – to politicians he said he wanted to work with them and to the citizens he said ‘I will be at the service of everybody’, and, finally, he was very personal addressing new queen Mathilde, saying “tu” instead of “vous” which is rare in royal speeches.”

Martine Dubuisson continued:
“His first speech at the Parliament showed clear enthusiasm, the will to carry out his duties and to give his all into his new role. Is he ready? I think that’s the wrong question. He’s been preparing for this for 30 years. The real question is – will he be able and competent – can Philippe deliver?”

Reporting for euronews Audrey Tilve said: “In spite of the debate on the future of monarchy, in spite of questions about King Philippe’s abilities, the new reign opens under a sign of national unity, and in Belgium that’s no mean feat.”