Hezbollah MP condemns EU's 'confrontational' terror decision

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Hezbollah MP condemns EU's 'confrontational' terror decision

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Hezbollah has condemned the EU’s decision to list its military wing as a terrorist organisation.

The Shia group’s political arm is a powerful force in Lebanese politics.

Hezbollah member of Parliament Walid Sukkarieh told reporters: “Hezbollah isn’t a terrorist group with plans to commit acts of terror in Europe – that is religiously forbidden. Our resistance is different.”

“Europe, by taking this decision, puts itself into confrontation with a segment of people – with Hezbollah and its supporters and even all the forces of confrontation in the region,” Sukkarieh continued.

Sukkarieh added that the EU’s move would not have an impact on the group’s operations.

Members of parliament from other parties have expressed concern about the implications of the decision for Lebanon.

Sami Jemayel of the Phalange parliamentary bloc told explained: “This is unfortunately is going to affect all the Lebanese people and as Lebanese citizens, we’ll pay the price again of the way Hezbollah is dealing with the regional politics and national politics”

The Lebanese government had urged Brussels not to blacklist Hezbollah, saying it could destabilise the country.