Russian artist Melnikova makes dolls with souls, but no voodoo

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Russian artist Melnikova makes dolls with souls, but no voodoo

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Russian born artist Violetta Melnikova is one of the many colourful figures of the artistic scene of in Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius.

She has a passion for tattoos and plastic arts, but dedicates most of her talent to making dolls.

“I studied painting, I do ceramics. I really like bead-work, I like sewing, I like textiles. A doll is a perfect way to combine everything in one. You have to sculpt it, you have to be quite strong in academic knowledge of what anatomy is. You have to work with textiles, to dress it properly. You can use basically absolutely any artistic technique in just one piece of art,” explained Melnikova

Influenced by her origins and her travels, Violetta’s creatures, sell on the internet and appeal to collectors worldwide.

After developing the technique of porcelain dolls, she is now experimenting with materials more commonly found in the car and aeronautics industries.

“Some of them are much more weird and freaky. It’s not considered to be for children, it’s dolls for grown ups. And of course the way I sculpt a doll reflects my image of beauty.

Violetta’s art can have therapeutic virtues she believes, as long as one knows how to handle one’s creative energy.

“A lot of people are actually afraid of dolls. They’re afraid of porcelain dolls in the dark because they think they have souls. I think they actually do!”

“You really invest a lot of emotions into this doll. Sometimes people order a portrait doll for example; and then I don’t allow myself to work on it if I’m depressed or if I’m nervous because I don’t want to invest this emotion into the portrait doll. This is something like a bit of the voodoo stuff!”

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