Protesters take to the streets of Chinese city

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Protesters take to the streets of Chinese city

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Within seven days protesters have returned to the streets of a Chinese city. This time their anger is over a plan to build an incinerator in a district of Guangzhou in the south of the country.

There were clashes with police and several of the demonstrators injured as hundreds showed their opposition to the project which they claim will cause pollution.

Riot police with shields provided a protective barrier in front of the government buildings where the demo was staged.

Last week almost a thousand protesters claimed a victory in a battle over plans to build a uranium processing plant in the city of Jiangmen. It would have provided enough fuel for around half of China’s atomic energy needs. Within 24 hours of the demonstration the local government rejected the proposal.

Earlier this year a retired senior communist party official told reporters pollution concerns had replaced land disputes as the main cause of social unrest in China.