Protest ban in Athens ahead of German Finance Minister visit

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Protest ban in Athens ahead of German Finance Minister visit

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In its sixth year of recession, fiery demonstrations have become a common occurrence in Greece.

But today police have banned all protests in central Athens as German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble pays the country a visit.

Many Greeks blame him for Greece’s painful austerity measures.

Dimitra Kesafouri said she did not welcome Schaeuble’s visit to the country:
“He should go home. We don’t need conquerors here. Greece has gone through so much with the German occupation, and now all those other supposedly European countries. They are not helping Greece. I think they’re just taking from us and giving nothing back.”

Pensioner Vasilis was anxious about the new austerity measures:
“The new package will have a negative effect. All these people that will be losing their jobs, isn’t it a shame? What can you say, the problem is that most people in Europe don’t understand, they are just sitting on the couch.”

Late last night, a controversial bill passed through parliament which will see more public sector job cuts, a condition for further EU bailout money.

The news was met angrily by protests outside parliament.

Schaeuble is visiting Greece for the first time since the financial crisis erupted in 2009.