Obama stays out of the legal debate over Zimmerman acquittal

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Obama stays out of the legal debate over Zimmerman acquittal

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Protests are continuing across the US in the wake of the Zimmerman acquittal.

After the white neighbourhood watch volunteer shot dead an unarmed black teenager, President Barack Obama wants the debate turned round to gun control.

He is staying out of further legal arguments. His spokesman Jay Carney explained:

“ This is a decision made by the Justice Department, by career prosecuters, and all questions about how this process is undertaken should be directed there and that is not something the president involves himself in.”

The Attorney General Eric Holder has also refused to be drawn on possible federal charges against Zimmerman after the all-white jury found him not guilty.

“Independent of the legal determination that will be made, I believe that this tragedy provides yet another opportunity for our nation to speak honestly about the complicated and emotionally-charged issues that this case has raised.”

The verdict has triggered outrage among civil rights activists who claim Zimmerman wrongly thought teenager Trayvon Martin was a criminal purely on the fact he was black.

They intend to hold more demonstrations in 100 US cities this weekend.