More corruption allegations increase the pressure on Spain's PM

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More corruption allegations increase the pressure on Spain's PM

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More pressure for Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy from the former People’s Party Treasurer Luis Bárcenas who testified in court on Monday. Bárcenas is accused of amassing a slush fund used to finance the party and give gifts to its officials.

Lawyer Enrique de Santiago, a member of the United Left Party, one of the four groups bringing a criminal complaint against Bárcenas said:

“A system was organised and perfected by the People’s Party to avoid financing laws. Illegal spending for political campaigns was systematic and consistent.”

Bárcenas claimed that he paid cash bonuses, in 500 euro notes, to Rajoy and People’s Party General Secretary Maria Dolores de Cospedal.

“I wanted to speak in front of you to deny clearly all the accusations that Bárcenas made against Rajoy and against me,” Cospedal told journalists.

Rajoy addressed calls for him to resign at a press conference after the Spanish-Polish bilateral summit on Monday.

“The great asset of this country is political stability. I will defend political stability and I will complete the term given to me by Spaniards,” he said.

The public has been disgusted by the tales of corruption in their government as they feel the full force of austerity.